Product & Service

SERVII offers at present three types of services, they are, the comprehensive value-added service for enterprises which combines law consulting, finance, HR service with diverse demands from distinct enterprises, multiple service for communities which includes activities, sites and catering, and other commercial service, like advertisement, brand joining and membership.

  • Roadshow Hall
  • Conference Room
  • Place for Featured Events
Roadshow Hall
  • Appointment for Physical Examination
  • Training Management
  • HR
  • Policy & Law Consulting
  • Finance & Tax
Conference Room


  • Casual Business Dining
  • Beverages
Place for Featured Events

Community Activities

In a place which boasts wonderful activities and promotes amiable relationship with your clients and smooth communication, here you will definitely enjoy your work.

Socialize Beyond Your Work

Work 8 hours a day, and please spend more time living your own life! This is a community where interesting souls are dancing together. And you, can be one of them.

Flexible Options for Communities

What we care about is not only who you are, but what you need. Work in DISTRII and live with DISTRII!

Unique Space

It is a working space. No! Far more than that!

Hit it off Straight Away

Follow your heart, and it will never be too late to get your surprise here in DISTRII!


SERVII, based on the establishment and operation of basic community, provides all enterprises with an OTO resource-sharing platform and value-added services to cater to their diverse demands and options, thus creating an eco-system for community commerce.