Products and services

OTO integrated smart office application kindly invites you to have smart offices with us together!

Intelligent space management:


We provide you with an entire process (before a meeting/during a meeting/after a meeting) and a comprehensive solution to conference room (featuring different scenes) management, including conference organizing, conference room online appointment and management, conference room sharing, super video conference, etc. to enhance the efficiency of your conference room, freshen your experience of it, and decrease its management costs.

Super-cubicles management

Based on the solution to smart cubicles management, you can share your cubicles and public office areas within your company and help the employees in their business trip from large and medium enterprises solve the office shortage problem. And accurate utilization detection and statistics of your cubicles will be achieved through our advanced cubicles utilization detection scheme, thus managing precisely your enterprise space and cubicles.

Intelligent access control management:

Smart access control

Use our app to open a door! Our smart access control management system is changing the traditional ways and help you save the money as well, i.e. the cost of keys and cards and even the salary of the personnel in charge of this. This smart door locks are certainly stronger and safer than ever before, with optional features like networking/ non-networking, Bluetooth/wifi, individual/ split type and even face recognition

Intelligent hardware management:

Intelligent cloud printing

Roaming printing: Print your file in one place, and get that by scanning a code in another place. All you need is roaming printing! Roaming printing makes the need to work at different places a reality and sets up a platform for a majestic performance of global cloud-printing with Distrii office network.

Smart lockers

A plan of smart lockers (software+ hardware) keeps your items safe and sound.

Intelligent environment management:

Space and environment

Environmental monitoring system: temperature monitoring / humidity monitoring / air quality monitoring / ambient light monitoring / visualization and reporting / remote monitoring / voice control /Intelligent

Lighting system: intelligent lighting / etc. with people moving partition / time sharing control / induction control / remote control / scene modes

Monitoring system: electronic fences / non-sensitive attendance management/ authorization / personnel intelligent management / item intelligent management

More applications: Conference room nameplate / filing cabinet nameplate / system input

Employees’ well-being

In 2017, we developed strategic cooperative partnership with Loctek, a world-famous enterprise for its smart lifting tables. Based on this, it is possible right now for us to professionally provide you with customized cubicles products. Your office table will automatically adjust its height to your habits and feel you and fit you wherever you go just by KITEDGE APP.

Intelligent efficiency sets:

Non-sensitive attendance

KITEDGE’s non-sensitive attendance patent is a technology by which employees can clock in and out completely automatically based on the intelligent ioT and big data.

Daily brief

KITEDGE’s ingenious task-based work brief facilitates prompt interior tasks feedback and rating.KITEDGE’s ingenious office efficiency rating system increases largely the corporate office efficiency, and helps enterprises conduct score assessment in accordance with employees' attendance, approval responsiveness, and briefing quality to individually evaluate their performance in a quantitative form.